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התווסף: 02-04-2011
מ-: DennisHisardut ( שלח הודעה פרטית )
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Here you see the home of the Israeli Martial Arts. It is the Dojo from Dr. Dennis Hanover, the founder of the Dennis Hisardut. This special place the city of Herzliya, more precisely the mayoress Yael German wants to close. Please support us and don´t permit that this happens. Miss Yael German, when do you realize how important this Dojo is, not only for Herzliya and its brothers but also for Israel. Please refrain from this plan! It is not only just a Dojo but it is a very special place. It is an international meeting place for all people that love the Israeli Martial Arts and Israel. Here you can not only see the fellowship of the people but also you can feel it and it is transborder. Support us: Sign the petition ! Together we are stronger !
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